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About Us

TimberBuyer was created by experienced hardwood lumbermen that saw the need to help both loggers and mills market and source logs. Loggers' expertise lies in the woods. Ours lies in getting the most out of what you produce. With each timber for listing that you create, we contact local mills and buyers in order to create competition for your products, thereby increasing what your logs sell for. By using our Auction Component, you no longer have to accept only one bid per buyer.

The platform exists to create exposure so that loggers and mills looking to sell maximize the value of their logs. When a listing is created, you not only get the benefit of auctioning the logs to the highest bidder but TimberBuyer markets your listing to potential buyers to increase competition. More competition equates to more value for your work and your listing.

Timber Buyer

How it works

point 1

Loggers, log yards and lumber mills make a listing

List logs on the auction platform with the approximate volume, species mix, and location. Your listing is then viewed by local mills (or in the case of veneer/export logs, globally)!

point 2

TimberBuyer aggressively markets your listing

Potential buyers contact the seller to set up viewing appointments, confirm the product mix, quality, determine their value, and discuss contracts/logistics/etc.

point 3

Potential buyers set up an account so they can purchase

Once the auction is complete, the winning bidder pays the seller and coordinates picking up the logs. All payments (aside from buyer's premiums) are paid directly to the seller!


We are lumbermen-first. Our goal is for you to get market prices for you when selling logs and timber. We have the experience and tools to make that happen. And for log and timber buyers, our listings provide another source of material to keep your facility running at 100%. We understand the importance of procuring not only enough logs to keep your mill running at 100% capacity but also how important to have the right species mix for your business to thrive. provides more options so that you aren't just processing fiber to keep operating but producing lumber that maximizes your profits.

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Focus on what you do best and allow us to provide additional exposure so you receive Market Prices versus Mill Prices for your effort. We contact surrounding mills and log buyers to make them aware of your auction. As a buyer, our listings provide a variety of species and quality mixes, enabling you to zero in on the ones that make the most sense for your facility.
Auction cancelations are subject to fee of 5% of the last bid or $250, whichever is higher. This is to avoid unsucessful bidders feeling they wasted their time traveling and valuing your listing.
Sellers are expected to be paid directly by the winning bidder. TimberBuyer is only a listing agency and it is your responsibility to collect payment and any other obligations from the winning bidder prior to allowing the lot to be shipped.
  1. First will increase your exposure by providing more bidders.
  2. At bidders are not limited to just providing one bid. TimberBuyer provides a truly competitive process to maximize how much you receive for each sale.
Any type of sawlog, veneer, stave or other material that lumber manufacturers would be interested in purchasing. We also offer services for selling timber and timberland.
Potential buyers set up an account prior to bidding along with either Credit Card info or escrow funds that exceed the 4% buyers premium.
Yes. You can cancel at anytime and won't be charged for another month.
Yes. Our site allows you to search for lots either 25, 50, 75, 100 miles or anywhere depending on exactly what you are looking for?
In addition to our auction component, aggressively markets your listing to local lumber mills or in the case of veneer/export logs to various buyers throughout the world. Once you list a lot, we attempt to contact at least 10 mills on your behalf in order to maximize the amount you receive for your logs. In addition, we provide you with a list of bidders at the end of the auction, so you are free to contact them directly.
You will be subject for a 15% relisting fee. As mentioned, it is the bidders responsibility to do all due diligence prior to bidding so the transaction can be completed without issue.
No. All logistics need to be coordinated with the seller. We are only a listing agent.
No. A bid placed in the last 2 minutes will extend the auction for another 2 minutes giving all interested bidders a chance to increase their offer.
All payments are made directly to the seller and any contract requirements are handled directly between the two parties. serves as a listing and marketing service. Both the buyer and seller are responsible for completing any transaction.